Upfront Caveat:- I sometimes make massive generalisations, so if the person reading my post is not thick skinned, then best quit reading now =)


Recently stumbled across some spiritual graffiti which resonated profoundly with me. Its not often you find words that hit the sweet spot –  that articulates exactly your thoughts one word at a time, beautifully. The quote I read was by Jeff Brown, an inspirational, spiritual, philosophical author. His words were:

“As I get older, I recognize just how important it is to be surrounded by people who deeply believe in our value and goodness even when we lose our footing. It took me years to rid myself of the lite-dimmers and it has been much clearer sailing since. Not that there isn’t value in having difficult people to overcome, but eventually it becomes essential to be surrounded by those who lift and wish us higher. If they don’t see you in your highest light, wish them well and cut the cord”

My life has collided with so many people, mostly good people that I have tried to maintain connections with even though they live across continents. Some good souls that have touched my life will forever remain connected – I may not call them frequently, or email them regularly, or ‘like’ all their posts on Facebook – but they are in my thoughts & prayers.

As time ticks by, I don’t see the need for superficial on the surface [mainly Facebook] friendships – abundant availability of wafer thin connections these days. I may be turning into a snob, but I’ve considered this from multiple angles and bottom line is that I don’t wish to give my time to oxygen sucking narcissistic leeches or the doom and gloom drama kings & queens kinds…or any other category for that matter which has got nothing to do with my calibrated future….is that insane? Or am I becoming a hermit ? Or has my tolerance gone below zero ? Don’t know for sure.  But I have in my mind calibrated a clear future and it’s not surrounded by wafer thin superficial connections, instead, the foundations of that future are laid by connections of family and a handful of those gentle souls that are part of my journey – however long it turns out to be…

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I have, ever since I can remember, been in love with books. I can devour an interesting read quicker than one can conjure up the energy to read. This love of books makes me want to write. But can a good reader be a good writer? Who knows for sure, but there is only one way to find out…

I am not sure where this is going to lead, but one thing I know is that I want to put an end to this constant bickering wish that keeps springing up  – to write. Not sure if I will be any good at it – I have also been burnt in the past for penning my thoughts down!  But I’ve started to feel that its time to explore this side of me that is raging to write/pen my thoughts and let it flow…

I thought the best place to startwould be to get into creative writing classes, but time is such a challenge. So much deliberations went on and on in my head – what a vicious cyclone…to which I have concluded that I will start this muse corner and test my own capabilities before committing to creative writing lessons.

Lets start the journey shall we ?

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There is always a beginning…

It often crosses my mind that my thoughts will stay thoughts forever. The history, experiences, memories, and the muse will disintegrate when I’m gone. I want to capture it all somehow and leave a legacy that may put a smile on the faces of the loved ones I leave behind. Always contemplated writing and the longing continues to circle my mind. There is never a better time to start. It must be now..because..there is always a beginning..

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