Chapter 2:

They married a day after Valentines Day, 1977.

It was a small wedding, not more than 50 people, hurriedly organised by a handful of family and friends. She was 18 at the time. A delicate and somewhat naive soul, oblivious that on this day of 15th February, her future timeline was being defined, the pages of her destiny were being written. She did not fathom, in her uncomplicated innocent mind, that once the covenant of love was sealed, the pages in her book of destiny could never be unwritten. But a new bride-to-be seldom thinks about such deep philosophies. She was entangled in the bitter sweet ceremonious arrangements.

Jolly was brimming with multitude of emotions – of excitement and nervousness, swimming deep in loves pond, thrilled that her family had accepted him, albeit reluctantly at first. Still, regardless of her family’s assent, there was a dull nervous ache at the pit of her stomach, she couldn’t place a finger on the root of this nervousness and simply disregarded it.

There was also a sliver of guilt gnawing at her heart, for she was defying cultural traditions and getting married ahead of turn, before her elder sister. That guilt was soon dessicated by her sisters blessing and excitement towards the wedding. Perhaps it was the blatant awareness that their time together would be temporary – he had to depart Dhaka in a few short weeks as per visa requirements, but the bigger worry was his impending departure to America for further studies, his MBA. It was an important step towards their collective future, she knew that, but the resounding doubts kept knocking. She kept ignoring. Her priority was him, she wished to devote every single passing second in is strong arms, like any newly-wed bride.

Those few short weeks of glorious bliss came to an abrupt end sooner than she anticipated. During that time, her family had showered them with unending love & blessings, put him on a high pedestal, he was treated like royalty, but it was now time for him to leave and both of them had to deal with reality. They had to discuss and develop their future plans. The sharp stab of reality was beyond her pain threshold – they would have to separate until such times he organised her to join him. Jolly must wait. But waiting for him was the least of her worries.

Their first challenge as a married couple was the customary meeting with his family in Lahore, Pakistan. Little did she know that his family was oblivious of their first-born son’s recent union with the Bengali beauty – they were too busy with ‘Ahmad’s’  upcoming wedding preparations.

Their eldest son was betrothed to their closest friend’s daughter, a blue-eyed beautiful girl called ‘Farheen’.

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