Reflections|Ae Dil Hai Mushkil


I am no film critic. After viewing this ‘hugely anticipated’, ‘riddled with controversy’ Karan Johar release, I’ve been compelled to reach for the pen (I mean Keyboard!). Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of KJOs lavish, larger than life movies, but this particular one left me confused with a strong tinge of disappointment. Seriously, he could’ve tried to make this movie more realistic & relatable? No? I have a few fundamental issues with this movie:

Issue #1 – Ranbir Kapoor, British born and raised Indian (he flashed his passport shamelessly), had all but a British accent. Seriously KJO? You need to invest in accent coaches – I understand this is a Bollywood flick, but you have big pockets and the world is changing – the viewers demand realistic accents!

Issue #2 – Ranbir is rich. Like really rich. Like private jet kinda rich. But he has no suave or mannerism of a rich guy. He gives off the perception of an International student rather than a son of a filthy rich, jet owning tycoon. Throughout the movie he conveniently moved into apartments of his love interests, he didn’t seem to own a single piece of material possession apart from his backpack. Really?

Issue #3 – Ranbir’s gold digging British Indian Girlfriend, Lisa was the exception when it came to accents. I’ll give you that. But why did she have an American accent? You need to look into that KJO. Some serious mis-communication going on there!

Issue #4 Ranbir & Anushka were giving off the brother & sister vibes. There was no chemistry. Zilch. Zero.

Issue #5 – So – Fawad Khan, a tattooed, chain smoking, infidel DJ? What a pointless, non compelling, unnecessary role. You really didn’t need to cast an actor from the neighboring country for this one. For a role that involved 2 dialogues and 1 song, a plea to the public not to boycott your movie was not required. But I can understand, that you would like to salvage any number of movie goers – please know that if your movie flops (highly likely), its not because public boycotted it due to a Pakistani actor – it would be because the movie itself is not worth watching the 2nd time.

Issue #6 – Aishwariya Rai firstly needs to fire her stylist. Secondly, she plays a British Indian poet (aka divorced cougar & cradle snatcher), living in Vienna, really? The intimate scenes between Ranbir and Aishwariya were torturous. They were giving off mother and son vibes. Enough said.

Issue #7- Special Appearance of Alia Bhatt as a (underage) DJ – Futile attempt and totally unnecessary.

Issue #8 – When will you stop taking favors from Shahrukh Khan? Please cut the umbilical cord. Its time.

Issue #9 – Anushka has cancer and a shaved head. Once you see that, you cant un-see it.

Issue #10 – Ranbir decides to shave his head in support and they both dance together with their bald heads locked forehead to forehead. It was like watching a scene from Coneheads.

There were two good points in the movie, 1) Anushka Sharma’s styling was near perfect (pre baldness), loved her outfits (thanks to Manish Malhotra) and 2) the soundtrack is pretty good.

That’s it. Better luck next time KJO.

[The views expressed are personal]

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