I had imagined I would start a New Year Blog reflecting on the predecessor year and anticipating the outlook for the year upon us, but clearly it didn’t go according to plan for 2016! Even though I’m almost two months late, I figured that since I like going back and reading through my notes, it’s better to pen the Blog than not!

From a year in review perspective, 2015 challenged me (and I mean this in a positive way) post to pillar from a career front.  My plans literally fell on my lap. Actually, it seems like an easy journey, but trust me, at the time, my levels of anxiousness were uncomfortable. If I had to derive learning from it, I would say that when embarking on a challenging journey it always seems overwhelming and somewhat unachievable, but that feeling is only momentary, because once you jump in, you must swim. And we all swim. We have to. Quitting is not an option, especially for me as I like to follow my commitments through to the very end.

2015 was interesting year at the home front. Sporting commitments took over most of our weekends, ranging from Tennis, Soccer, Cricket, Basketball, Netball, Swimming and Futsal and additional physical activities for hubby and I. Sports seems to form a big part of our lives, which I really appreciate. I find it’s beneficial for the kids to play a variety of sports, it good for their physical & mental well-being as well as giving them energetic choices of social activity for the rest of their lives..

Apart from sports enthusiasm, we hosted plenty of get-together at home for family & friends. I’ve lost count! Hubby’s cooking never fails to draw a crowd. He has creatively cooked up some exceptional delicacies. To say that I’m lucky is probably an understatement. Feel free to be envious 😉

Having a good circle of friends with whom you deeply connect is important, not only for the adults, the kids too. 2015 has reaffirmed that time is of the essence; to spend it on superficial friendships is neither meaningful nor logical. Connect with the friends that share your values, have similar interests and future outlook as your family.

The reason I say this is that our kids are watching our every move, our every social interaction; they are observing our behaviours towards others and our reactions over incidents and circumstances. As we are raising the next generation of humankind, it is our social and moral obligation to inspire these inquisitive little sponges in absorbing good ethical values. So the learning here folks is – choose your friends wisely 😉

On a side note, Netflix came into our lives in 2015 and since then, numerous TV Shows have been devoured, which conveniently will be discussed in a future Blog!

There are no specific plans for 2016, but I am anticipating more reading, and significantly more writing, the definitely aiming for weekend walking to continue as its progressed exceptionally well. There are a couple of big family milestone dates this year and it would be wonderful to plan a family getaway before the end of 2016 to celebrate.

So here we are, waved goodbye to 2015, year of the Sheep and hello 2016, year of the Monkey.

Wishing you all, pleasant reflective thoughts for the year passed.

All the best for 2016. Don’t let any mischievous Monkeys waver your plans!

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