Last few months have been super intense. I had to draw upon all sorts of coping mechanisms to manage stress levels. For some reason beyond my understanding, the stress that I managed to keep locked behind doors, seeped through the cracks & crevices, until I realised that it needed to be embraced. So I’ve started to embrace it and not let it phase me. Haven’t mastered the technique as yet. The mental training is still very much work in progress, but I’m getting there…slowly.

One of the surprising calm-me-the-hell-down techniques that worked for me was burning candles every evening. You can say its a ritual in my house now. It started with tea light candles and then to aromatherapy ones. I have always been a candle lover, more for the aesthetic prominence rather than therapeutic benefits. Lighting an aromatherapy candle daily, I realised that its not just the mesmerising flame that relaxes the senses, its also the subtle fragrance that soothes the environment and relaxes mood.

So guess who is candle obsessed these days. Yup. That’s right. Moi.

My main Pitt stop to replenish candle cravings has been at Dusk – 100% Australian company with a focus on provenance, purity and passion for candle creation.

The stable Dusk fragrances burning in my house mostly all evenings are usually one of these:

  • Dusk Signature Range – CalmPerfectly balanced infusion of Lavender and Rose.
  • Dusk Signature Range – Spirituality – Opulence of flourishing Rose Geranium and musky Sandalwood .
  • Dusk Signature Range – Harmony – Beautiful combination of soft Lavender and Geranium.

If you are ever up at Blue Mountains, I would recommend to stop over at Leura for a sensory delight at Moontree – 100% Australian made & owned candles. My personal zesty favourite here is:

  • Moontree Fragrant Candle Range  – Lemongrass – Enduring scent of fresh cut Lemongrass is uplifting and cleansing.

Stumbled across Circa Home soy candles recently and decided to test it out. I purchased a small jar of ‘Jasmine & Magnolia’ for some night time burning. What a delight to the senses, crisp & sweet scent that totally relaxed my mind just before bedtime.Not only are these candles amazingly fragrant, they are great for the environment (non toxic) and burn longer!

My personal weakness:

  • Circa Home Scented Soy Wax – Jasmine & Magnolia – Tender balance of Jasmine and Magnolia brushed by hints of Frangipani and Ylang Ylang.

On my get-it-soon list:

  • Circa Home Scented Soy Wax – Mango & Papaya – Cocktail of Mango, Orange and Passionfruit laced with Jasmine and a touch of Vanilla.
  • Circa Home Scented Soy Wax – Cotton Flower & Freesia – Fresh blend of Freesia, White Rose, Cucumber and Musk.
  • Circa Home Scented Soy Wax – Pear & Lime – Invigorating blend of zesty Mexican Lime, Anjou Pear, warm Vanilla and Sandalwood.

Happy Fragrance Flaming Folks 🙂

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